How to Prep Your Home for Summer Vacation

How to Prep Your Home for Summer Vacation

Summer is a prime season for rest and relaxation. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a vacation from the comfort of your Sachse, Texas, home or you’re headed out of town for a special escape, it’s important to address some key considerations beforehand. Make sure your cooling system is set properly for a comfortable and affordable summer.

Manage Maintenance Tasks

Make sure your home is in prime condition for energy efficiency before you head out for summer vacation. Leaving your air conditioner to struggle with loose connections or poorly calibrated parts will only cost you in the long run. Ideally, you should schedule your air conditioner maintenance for spring, before the peak of the cooling season hits. If you haven’t had a tune-up within the last 12 months, book yours as soon as possible.

You should also address your HVAC filter before leaving. This is a simple swap that will help keep your air clean. A quarterly filter change is sufficient for most homeowners, so you can schedule this task for the beginning of summer and forget about it for the duration of the school vacation.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat to cool your home at a minimum expense throughout the summer months. If you’re planning to enjoy a stay-cation this summer, you’ll want your air conditioner set in a comfortable range, typically around the mid-70s. Turn the temperature up a few degrees at night and any time you’re out of the home for a period of several hours.

If you’re leaving for summer vacation, you can turn the thermostat up much higher. If there are no pets in the home, you can set your system around 85 degrees for optimum energy savings. Don’t turn it off completely, so you’ll still get healthy air circulation and the natural dehumidifying effect of occasional air conditioning.

Make sure your air conditioner is up to all the challenges ahead with a maintenance visit from Willard Heating and Air Conditioning. Schedule your appointment now at 972-395-5139.

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4 Reasons to Choose a Smart Thermostat With Home Automation Features

4 Reasons to Choose a Smart Thermostat With Home Automation Features

With so many technological advancements on the market, folks in Lakewood, Texas, can run their home remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. Wi-Fi has made the dream of home automation a reality, and it all starts with a smart thermostat. Just consider the many advantages in upgrading to a model with home automation features.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

How many times have you gone on vacation and wondered if you adjusted the thermostat settings? Smart thermostats feature companion apps you can access via a mobile device, allowing you to check in on your HVAC unit and readjust the temperature, if necessary.

Smart thermostats are also a must-have for vacation homes and rentals because you can see if everything is running smoothly while you’re away.

Eliminate Human Error

Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency is difficult if you don’t know how to adjust the settings properly. A smart thermostat takes human error out of the equation by learning your personal preferences and work schedule. The thermostat automatically raises and lowers your home’s temperature based on what it learns, allowing the HVAC system to run at a more efficient temperature while you’re away.

Email Alerts

Most smart thermostats provide email alerts if your home’s temperature fluctuates unexpectedly or goes outside your preset range. For example, if your home experiences a power outage or the thermostat is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, you’ll receive an email or a text alert notifying you of the problem. This feature allows you to contact the utility company while you’re away, ensuring the power is reconnected in no time.

Energy Savings

Home automation saves energy, and that’s exactly what a smart thermostat provides. No matter which smart thermostat you choose, each is designed to boost your home’s energy efficiency more than a traditional thermostat, which keeps more money in your pocket.

Are you ready to save money on your heating and cooling bill? Call Willard Heating and Air Conditioning at 972-395-5139 to learn more about our smart thermostats.

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3 Ways to Keep a Room Well-Ventilated

3 Ways to Keep a Room Well-Ventilated

Keeping your Wylie, Texas, home well-ventilated is important for maintaining a healthy airflow. Proper ventilation reduces the buildup of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can help alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms. We’re happy to offer these helpful tips for improving your home’s ventilation.

Turn on Those Fans

Just because you run the air conditioner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t turn on your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans prompt healthy air circulation and movement by pushing away stale air and fumes, which is why you should keep a fan running whenever you’re in the room. 

As a bonus, running your ceiling fan creates a windchill effect on the skin, causing you to feel cooler than the room’s temperature. This effect allows you to reduce your AC usage, promoting great energy-efficiency.

You can also run floor or table fans, although they’re not as strong. In fact, anything that promotes air circulation is beneficial.

Open Interior Doors

Even if you don’t run your fans, opening all interior doors can allow air to circulate throughout the home. The effect won’t be as drastic, but every little bit helps.

However, don’t open doors that lead to nowhere, such as closet or pantry doors. Keeping these doors shut allows the air to move where you need it instead of it getting trapped in an unused area.

Use a Box Fan on Occasion

Box fans are affordable, powerful tools for getting rid of stale air. If you’re working on a project and need to move air out of the house quickly, set up a box fan in an entryway or window with it set on reverse. This setting pulls indoor air to the outside, reducing VOCs instantly. While you don’t want to use this method every day, it’s a good option when you need it.

Discover more ways to improve your home’s ventilation by calling in the experts. Contact Willard Heating and Air Conditioning at 972-395-5139 to set up your next AC maintenance.

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3 Ways You Can Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

3 Ways You Can Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Forney, TX summers can be brutal. The best way to stay comfortable when the temperatures start to climb is to have a smooth-running AC system. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your home stays pleasantly cool this summer. Here are our top three tips for keeping your AC in shape.

Change Filters

Besides helping to keep allergens and other undesirable debris out of your home’s air, filters also help keep your unit running smoothly and accurately. Over time, your filter will become clogged, which can lead to your unit working harder to push air through. The extra effort wears down on parts and may lead to internal issues, like difficulty regulating temperature, inconsistent air flow, and unpleasant smells.

Filters are easy to change. Just find where they’re located in your home and replace every few months or when you notice them getting dirty. A higher quality filter will require fewer changes than a cheaper one and will work better at removing unwanted air particles. 

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important part of owning a climate control unit of any type. These systems run the most regularly of almost any other appliance in your home, which means there’s more regular wear and tear and, therefore, opportunities for things to go wrong. Your HVAC technician can check on the status of the main parts, including electrical and ductwork components, and catch issues early.

Keep Clear

The area around your AC unit is important to keep free and clear of debris. A build-up of leaves, twigs, and other items can lead to clogs and jams, which in turn will disrupt your home’s climate control. This goes for interior vents too. If you have items blocking the vents, it could cause issues down the line that could lead to your system working harder and issues with regulating temperature. Make sure your vents aren’t blocked and that air is free to circulate!

If you notice that your AC is having difficulties that simple tips like these aren’t helping, give Willard Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 972-395-5139 today to set up an appointment!

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3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Airflow

3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Airflow

The airflow in your home has a lot to do with how comfortable you’ll feel everyday living in it. You want to find ways to improve your home’s airflow to stay cooler and reduce your energy bills. Here are three ways that Forney homeowners can improve their home’s airflow quickly and easily.


How Do I Know If I Have Leaky Ducts?

How Do I Know If I Have Leaky Ducts?

When your Rockwall, Texas, home is not keeping your living spaces evenly warm or cool, leaky ducts may be to blame. If you find yourself facing problems with backdrafts, excessive dust, and high energy bills, you need to check out the condition of your home’s ductwork.