With the integration of connected thermostats into your modern Forney, Texas, home, it is not only important to know how to use your smartphone to control the temperature, it is also important to understand how to use the thermostat at home! Here are three ways to get the most from your smart thermostat to save on energy bills and lower your cooling costs.

Placement of the Thermostat

Where you place the thermostat in the house is very important. In order for the thermostat to get a solid and clear reading of the temperature, install your thermostat on a wall that is away from paintings, mirrors, plants, and furniture. This should help to prevent” ghost-readings” when your thermostat thinks that a room is either cooler or warmer than it really is. By being aware of where the thermostat is taking its reading from, your system should run smoothly and provide an accurate temperature.

Only Heat and Cool the Rooms You Need To

Whether you are away at work, on vacation, or simply enjoying your home, it may not be necessary to cool the entire house at the same temperature. Save money on your energy bills by only cooling the rooms that really need it. Do you have a spare bedroom or den that is infrequently used? Do you like to have your primary bedroom cooler at night than the living room? With a smart thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature that is desired for each room.

The Learning Curve

Smart thermostats are a sophisticated piece of software, and you should be willing to take time to learn how to use them properly. Your particular habits and schedules take time to input into the thermostat and this requires knowledge of how the thermostat works. It is best to hire a trained professional who can set up your smart thermostat and show you how to use the system.

Smart thermostats are an ideal way to help save on energy bills. Call Willard Heating and Air Conditioning today at (972) 564-9785 to schedule an appointment with a skilled technician who can set up your thermostat.

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