With so many technological advancements on the market, folks in Lakewood, Texas, can run their home remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. Wi-Fi has made the dream of home automation a reality, and it all starts with a smart thermostat. Just consider the many advantages in upgrading to a model with home automation features.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

How many times have you gone on vacation and wondered if you adjusted the thermostat settings? Smart thermostats feature companion apps you can access via a mobile device, allowing you to check in on your HVAC unit and readjust the temperature, if necessary.

Smart thermostats are also a must-have for vacation homes and rentals because you can see if everything is running smoothly while you’re away.

Eliminate Human Error

Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency is difficult if you don’t know how to adjust the settings properly. A smart thermostat takes human error out of the equation by learning your personal preferences and work schedule. The thermostat automatically raises and lowers your home’s temperature based on what it learns, allowing the HVAC system to run at a more efficient temperature while you’re away.

Email Alerts

Most smart thermostats provide email alerts if your home’s temperature fluctuates unexpectedly or goes outside your preset range. For example, if your home experiences a power outage or the thermostat is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, you’ll receive an email or a text alert notifying you of the problem. This feature allows you to contact the utility company while you’re away, ensuring the power is reconnected in no time.

Energy Savings

Home automation saves energy, and that’s exactly what a smart thermostat provides. No matter which smart thermostat you choose, each is designed to boost your home’s energy efficiency more than a traditional thermostat, which keeps more money in your pocket.

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