If you have kids in your Rockwall, Texas, home, it is never too early to start teaching them about energy use and conservation. Instilling good energy-efficient habits when kids are young will help to ensure that they carry these positive habits into adulthood. Let’s look at some fun ways to get the kids engaged in learning good energy-conservation habits.

Energy-Wasting “I Spy Game”

Many kids and even adults don’t realize that charging cords still take electricity even when they are not actively charging a device. Have the kids go around the house and see if there are chargers still plugged in, lights left on, or doors or windows open when the air conditioner or heater are running. They can score points for every item they find that is wasting energy.

Helping With Minor HVAC Tasks

Kids often enjoy helping with tasks — tell them about the HVAC system while they help you with your monthly tasks. Let them know how important changing the air filters and regular preventative maintenance is. Tell them the air will be cleaner and the system won’t have to use as much electricity to heat or cool their rooms. Have them help to clear debris around the outside unit and let them clean dirt and dust from the air vents and registers.

Rewards for an Energy-Saving Contest

Create a contest that everyone in the family can get involved with. Write down ways to save and conserve energy, such as turning off the computer and other electronic devices when not in use, shutting off lights when not needed, and closing the refrigerator door right away. Assign a point system for each category and at the end of the week, whoever scores the most points in being energy-efficient receives a reward

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