HVAC systems play a vital role in maintaining our homes’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). During the summer, the number of airborne pollutants is much higher than during the winter. As your AC runs, the contaminants in the air are circulated through the filter in your system, producing cleaner air.

Currently, we’re amidst a season where our heating and cooling system may not be needed at all. When it’s too cool to turn on the AC but not cool enough that heat is needed, there needs to be a way to keep things fresh. Luckily, ventilation and air quality are areas of expertise for the Willard team, which means we can tell you how to freshen your home’s air in-between seasons!


Run your system without heating or cooling.

Every home needs proper ventilation so fresh air can be introduced into the home and polluted air can be dispersed outside the home. If your system has a fan option, you can set your fan to “on” rather than “auto”, which will allow it to run constantly without adjusting the temperature.

If this is something your system can do, make sure your air filters are completely clean. New air filters are the best way to ensure all contaminants can be caught as your system circulates the air.


Open windows or doors.

Usually, ventilation is helped by running your HVAC, but not all systems can run without heating or cooling the space. There are ways to efficiently ventilate your home without your HVAC system, including the following:

  • Cross ventilation – Open doors and windows on opposite sides of the home.
  • Double-hung window ventilation – Open the bottom and top of your windows.
  • Multi-floor ventilation – Open the highest and lowest windows in your home.

Opening windows and doors may not be possible if your area’s air quality is still moderate or unhealthy for sensitive groups. However, there are other ways to keep your home free of airborne particulates during your system’s offseason.


Vacuum and dust.

Even as you ventilate your home with open windows and doors, there might still be plenty of dust and allergens trapped in your carpet and furniture. While you are bringing in some fresh air, take some time to quickly cover all your bases by vacuuming and dusting your home.


Use plants to purify the air.

Certain plants are great for detoxifying the air in your home. Even a common house plant such as the Golden Pathos can remove formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and more.

Invest in a ventilator or air scrubber.

In addition to keeping your HVAC unit up to date, you can improve the ventilation and air quality in your home with either a portable or built-in air purifier. Air purifiers mainly eliminate allergens in the air. Air scrubbers push the envelope even further by purifying the air and surfaces.

Willard AC is all about high-quality HVAC services, which means a recommendation from us won’t let you down. Call today to discuss your ventilation options!

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