As the cold weather turns warm, it’s time to prepare for spring. Heating and air conditioning account for almost half of the energy used in a home. Here are five ways to save on energy costs in north Texas.

Have an Energy Audit

Energy audits examine energy usage and identify leaks and cracks in a building envelope. A professional energy audit will recommend ways to maximize efficiency.

Use Natural Ventilation

If evenings are cool, open windows and turn off the air conditioner. Landscaping enhances the cooling effects of breezes by channeling the wind into the house. Inside, use ceiling fans to move air within a room. Although fans don’t lower temperatures, they make occupants feel cooler by creating a breeze for a wind chill effect.

Tune Up the Air Conditioner

Tuning up the air conditioner before first use in the spring is a simple way to save energy. A professional HVAC contractor will examine all elements of the system including:

  • Change or clean filter
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check drip pans and tubing
  • Clean indoor and outdoor coils and housing
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Ensure unit cycles on and off properly

Air conditioning maintenance reduces breakdowns and air conditioning repairs. Cleaning the filter lowers energy usage by up to 15 percent.

Seal Ducts

Leaking ducts reduce efficiency by up to 20 percent. Leaks allow conditioned air to escape and pollutants to enter the system. Sealing ducts ensures that conditioned air reaches the living spaces.

Use the Thermostat

Programmable thermostats allow precise temperature settings that reduce energy use. Use sleep mode at night, and set the temperatures higher when you are away for extended periods of time. Adjust manual thermostats when you go to bed or leave your home.

Willard Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Willard Heating and Air Conditioning provides new installations, repairs and maintenance for HVAC systems in the greater Dallas metroplex. Our annual maintenance contracts includes a 10 percent discount on repairs. To find out more about how to save energy this spring, please call to speak to one of our Comfort Advisors.

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