We’ve learned from many of our homeowners that they live busy lives. In addition to keeping their homes in tip-top shape, they are constantly trying to find ways to save money and time. Since your responsibility as a homeowner is taking up so much of your time, we believe it is our job to ensure you have easy access to information about how to cut down on heating expenses and avoid common heating mistakes.

With the holidays in the midst of the winter season, we’ll make sure nothing slips through the cracks. The following are six heating mistakes we commonly see in homes throughout North Texas.


Setting the heat too high.

Many people assume that when they walk into a cold room, the best thing to do is crank up the heat. Sending the thermostat skyrocketing will actually cause the system to strain. The misconception here is that your system will heat the room faster by setting the thermostat higher.

In reality, your system will heat up just as slowly as if you set the thermostat to your ideal temp. It’s more efficient and better for your system if you avoid cranking it up too high too fast.


Letting the heat escape.

Cold air is actually just a lack of hot air. As you heat your home, the warm air replaces the cool air, and the same goes for the outdoors. Except, you aren’t paying to heat the outside of your home! Keep all warm air in by locking windows and getting door sealers for larger cracks leading to the outside. This can cut down energy costs as well as keep your home nice and cozy for the winter.


Not changing your air filters.

This is a common mistake, probably because it is so easy to overlook. Many homeowners don’t realize how important their filters are for the function of their HVAC system. Neglecting your air filters leads to your system running inefficiently and strains your heater as it tries to keep you and your family warm. Air filters should be changed about every month or according to your filter’s packaging.


Never updating your thermostat.

If you’re someone who likes to have the latest in cellphone technology, then you should consider a programmable thermostat. Your thermostat won’t stay golden forever and might even give out on you, depending on your system’s age. Updating your heating and cooling technology with a programmable thermostat will save you money on your electric bill and create your ideal environment without you having to even think about it.


Trying to save by turning off your heat.

Cutting your heat where you can: great money saver but detrimental to your pipes. Whether you’re home or not, keep the heat at 65 degrees at least. Your heating system actually helps insulate your pipes in cold weather. The warm air prevents the water in your plumbing from freezing, leading to burst pipes and flooding.


Avoiding preventative maintenance.

Maintenance is the backbone of your HVAC system. Without it, your furnace or heat pump is sure to let you down at some point. Maintenance keeps your components in good shape and improves the efficiency of your system. Plus, preventative work from Willard means you don’t have to waste money on endless repairs.

We don’t want you to worry about every little thing, but you can make life easier for yourself and your home with these tips from Willard. Our pros will always be there as soon as you need us.

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