The airflow in your home has a lot to do with how comfortable you’ll feel everyday living in it. You want to find ways to improve your home’s airflow to stay cooler and reduce your energy bills. Here are three ways that Forney homeowners can improve their home’s airflow quickly and easily.

Clean Up Your A/C’s Filters and Grills

If your home’s HVAC system has a dirty filter and return grill, this can adversely impact your home’s airflow since the air can’t easily pass through. If one particular room seems warmer than others, check the return grill to see if debris, dust, and dirt are stuck in the grates. A thorough clean and a replacement filter can help to improve the airflow immediately.

Fix Leaky Air Ducts

In many homes, a good portion of the airflow is lost through leaky air ducts. If you have higher than average utility bills and discover that a new filter and a clean return grill doesn’t help, call a professional HVAC technician to see if leaky air ducts are the problem. They will apply a sealant to the leaks to stop airflow from going elsewhere.

Install a Mini Ductless System

In rooms where airflow remains an issue, consider installing a mini ductless system, sometimes referred to as a ductless mini-split. These systems do not require new ducts to be installed and can give you a concentrated airflow where you need them. This can help you deliver better, more cost-effective air conditioning to additions, playrooms, and garages. In a split system, there is an indoor unit that blows just cooled air from the outside environment into your home and a separate outdoor unit where the hot air goes.

The airflow in your home is something that can be easily improved. Schedule a service appointment with Willard Heating and Air Conditioning to identify potential solutions to your home’s airflow issues. This way, everyone in your home will stay comfortable and cool.

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