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3 Reasons Why Attic Insulation Is Best Left to Professionals


Attic insulation substantially improves the energy efficiency of your home. However, applying insulation in your Dallas, Texas, home as a DIY project can be overwhelming. Installing attic insulation involves determining the right type of insulation, proper execution, and complying with laws concerning insulation, which makes it a complex project, best handled by experienced professionals.

Determining the Type of Insulation

Insulation efficiency is rated in terms of R-value, which is a measure of its resistance to heat flow at a given thickness. Higher R-value offers better insulation, but the right R-value for each project needs to be determined based upon the location and the type of insulation.

There are basically three types of insulation which come in a variety of forms. Roll insulation is usually a fiberglass material that looks like cotton candy. Batt insulation, on the other hand, is available as pre-cut panels designed to fit between the joists. The third type is blown-in insulation which comes in spray foam and loose fill forms.

In addition to heat insulation, also consider factors like sound proofing and fire prevention when choosing your insulation material.

Proper Execution

An attic is a difficult place to work and often requires specialized equipment for safe access. Improper insulation installed without professional tools and skills results in heat loss and wasted energy. It is also important to make provisions for air circulation and lighting. Insulation professionals use wind baffles or venting chutes for airflow and radiant barriers for lighting. Additionally, there may be issues like air leaks, mold growth, and exposed electrical wiring that need to be fixed before taking up insulation.

Laws Concerning Insulation

Removal and disposal of old insulation must be done as per the applicable laws. Installation of new insulation must be within the framework of energy efficiency regulations and prevailing building codes in Dallas and Texas. Permits may be required for carrying out major insulation involving structural changes.

Considering all these complexities involved, it is well worth hiring a professional insulation company for a long-lasting, efficient installation. Contact Willard Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for attic insulation in Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas. Reach us at 972-564-9785 round-the-clock without any overtime charges.

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