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What A Tesla Home Energy System Could Mean for You

2020 was a difficult year, so you may have missed when Elon Musk teased his ideas to produce Tesla home energy systems. While the technology of Tesla’s new Powerwall seems advanced, it’s creating excitement for many homeowners across the country.

Energy technologies have entered our daily sphere, with solar panels, backup systems, and high-efficiency HVAC appliances. A short-term investment for homeowners means life-long savings. The Powerwall simplifies energy storage for all with a compact, elegant design and straightforward utility.

What Is the Tesla Powerwall?

According to the Tesla site, “Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when the grid goes down.”  Technology is something we all depend on for comfort, maintenance, and leisure. Still, it’s not always as reliable as it should be.

For instance, we can’t control what happens to our power grid during a violent storm, but we can control our homes’ safety mechanisms.

The Powerwall offers you comfort when needed most. When we all lost power during the February storm, it was imperative that we retain every bit of heat in our homes. With a backup battery as robust as the thoughtfully designed Powerwall, you can keep your family safe and never miss a beat with certain energy reserves.

Plus, the appliance can be paired with solar panels to charge using clean energy only. Any excess solar electricity will automatically charge your Powerwall. The benefits don’t stop there.

Powerwall & Your Home

We talk about Energy Star-rated systems like it’s our moral code, so we’re ecstatic about bringing you even more energy savings through this advancement from Tesla. With an autonomous system like the backup battery, your home will benefit from the following:

  • Lower electricity bill through a time-of-use rate plan
  • Non-stop heating or cooling
  • Home energy control
  • Protection from power outages and grid instability

During a blackout, the Powerwall kicks in automatically, ensuring you can access critical systems in your home like your heating and cooling appliances. The best part? You can choose which energy output is suitable for your home.

Lights, outlets, and refrigerators can easily be powered through a single Powerwall, but if you have a large home or know you’ll need your air conditioner or furnace in the event of an outage, we suggest a whole-home backup.

Take control of your home’s energy and ask about Willard’s energy-saving solutions today.

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