Pets are a part of our families. They keep us company and are a joy to play with. They also come with mounds of fur and dust just like us! We already track dirt and invite allergens into our homes, but with pets, the number of airborne particles can almost double.

Whether their grooming regimen is low or high maintenance, your pet has dander. Our skin, including our pets’ skin, naturally sheds as it ages. While mostly harmless, pet dander can exacerbate allergy symptoms for some people. Keeping up with your pet’s grooming can improve your indoor air quality by removing the amount of dander in the home and allowing your HVAC to do its thing.

For high traffic days and the moments you’re feeling a bit stuffier in your home, refer to the following guide to keep your home healthy.


Regular Cleaning & Grooming Schedule

Keep that dust and dander to a minimum by vacuuming and dusting regularly. Your pet should be bathed and brushed every month to clear out the excess dust trapped in their fur. Luckily, cats self-groom, but if you have an older cat or one that goes outside, you may need to help clean its fur occasionally.


Air Filters

Your HVAC system has a built-in indoor air quality accessary known as your air filters. Your filters are found within your air registers or in the compartment between your system’s return air and supply air. As your system runs, the air filters capture dust and other particles.

This process is necessary to keep your air free from airborne particles, but it only works if the air filters are clean. Once the debris builds up, the congested filters can cause your system to strain. Homeowners with pets should change their filters every month.


Preventative Maintenance

Even with new air filters, the bigger the family of furballs, the more wear and tear your HVAC system will experience. Pet fur and dander can get everywhere, even in your heating and cooling unit. Additional maintenance is required to keep its components in tip-top shape. Willard recommends scheduling HVAC maintenance every season for homes with pets.


Worry Less, Breathe More

If you have a busy household or struggle to keep up with a cleaning schedule, the team at Willard has the perfect solution. We can install whole-home air purifiers to aid your HVAC system’s efforts in maintaining your indoor air quality.

An air purifier can extend your air filters and system’s life by pulling in some of the debris that would otherwise be captured in the system. Plus, those with allergies can see a dramatic improvement in their health.

HVAC technology is always improving. Air purifiers and filters are just the start of making your home a healthier place to live. Our team can make sure you stay up to date on all things heating and cooling so you can feel great without stress. Your pets will thank you too! Get started by calling Willard AC today.

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