Keeping your Rockwall, Texas, home warm during cold nights and cool during the heat of the day can be quite a challenge. In fact, there may be some areas where you’re losing out on efficiency without even realizing it. Your attic is one of those areas. There are a few reasons why improved attic insulation can boost your HVAC system’s efficiency.

No Insulation Equals Heat Loss

An attic with inadequate insulation means that your home is losing heat through the roof. Heat rises and tends to move from areas that are warm already into cooler spaces. In effect, the heat in your home will travel up through the ceiling into your attic. Once in the attic, it will escape your home through your roof if there is no insulation present to keep it inside. The areas where you want the heat to stay will become cool unless your system is forced to continue pumping out heat.

The Difference Attic Insulation Makes

Properly insulating your attic eliminates this massive loss of heat. With proper insulation, the heat remains in your home, where you can enjoy feeling comfortable without making your HVAC system work overtime.

The Benefits of Insulation

Not only will your home be more efficient and comfortable thanks to a layer of attic insulation, but your HVAC system will thank you. Having to continually run to try to keep up with heat loss and maintain your home’s temperature at a comfortable level can be hard on your HVAC system. This stress on your system can potentially cause it to break down more often and even make replacement a necessity earlier than expected.

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box when you’re looking for ways to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. Upgrading your attic insulation is just one way. Willard Heating and Air Conditioning can help you to get the most out of your HVAC system. Contact us at (972) 564-9785, and our friendly professionals can help you improve your home’s energy efficiency so you can start saving money on your energy bills.

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