When your Rockwall, Texas, home is not keeping your living spaces evenly warm or cool, leaky ducts may be to blame. If you find yourself facing problems with backdrafts, excessive dust, and high energy bills, you need to check out the condition of your home’s ductwork.

You’re Dealing With Backdrafts

Appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers, and gas furnaces all have ways to vent fumes outside the home. If your home has leaky ducts, those fumes can be redirected back into your house instead of being forced outdoors. Besides the aggravation of leaky ducts, backdrafting is also a significant factor that contributes to poor indoor air quality in the home.

You’re Battling Excessive Dust

Rockwall, Texas, is not immune to dust and debris. While no home can ever be entirely free of dust, broken or leaky ductwork can exacerbate dust accumulations. Leaky ducts can collect fine dust particles and distribute them throughout your home’s living spaces. If you’re battling excessive amounts of dust in your home no matter how much you clean, the problem could stem from your home’s leaky ductwork.

You’re Continually Facing High Energy Bills

If you always hesitate to look at your home’s energy bills each month, you may be wondering how your home’s heating and air conditioning system is failing you. The issue may be your home’s leaky ducts. When your home’s ductwork is leaking air, those air leaks contribute to high utility costs. Ignoring your home’s leaking ductwork means allowing the conditioned air you’re paying for to go to waste.

Poor ductwork connections, gaps in your home’s ductwork, and uninsulated areas can all contribute to unwanted air leaks. If you suspect leaky ducts are the problem, call one of our Willard Heating and Air Conditioning specialists. Through professional duct sealing, our service technicians can find and seal gaps and make repairs to your home’s ductwork to stop unseen air leaks. Schedule a duct-sealing appointment today by calling us at (972) 564-9785.

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