The golden rule among HVAC professionals is persistent air conditioning maintenance. Every home can benefit from a high-quality AC tune-up from a NATE-certified technician whether the system gets treated every year or it’s the first time a tech has inspected it in years.

Your air conditioner has so many components, it is unlikely each one will keep in prime condition without proper maintenance. For instance, a dirty air filter can cause other parts to clog, disrupting the entire system. Each of the following components is a reason you should schedule regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system at least once a year:

• Compressor
• Air Filter
• Refrigerant
• Evaporator Coil
• Condenser Coil
• Fan
• Blower
• Thermostat

Prevention Is Care-Free

With Willard AC maintenance services, you can improve your living experience in an instant. When you schedule an HVAC tune-up with our team of professionals, you’ll never have to worry about air conditioning issues again. We mean it. Our services will improve the efficiency of your system, making it easier to cool your home. Plus, you don’t have to wait hours for your spaces to cool when you turn your system on.

During the maintenance service, your tech will check every component thoroughly. Any issues you might have had will be quickly resolved by Willard. Better yet, homeowners who worry about the AC failing in the middle of the hot, summer night will have complete peace of mind. Preventative maintenance drastically aids the function of any home, yours included.

Prepare for Long Summer Days in Texas

Not only does air conditioner maintenance improve the efficiency of your system but it also helps battle the heat that Texas homes know all too well. Summer is when your air conditioning is needed most. Since your HVAC system works as hard as it does in the summer, it is crucial the wear and tear the unit has experienced for months doesn’t impact its function. The following are telltale signs that indicate your system is worn down and in need of a tune-up:

• Unusual sounds or smells when your system is turned on
• The unit freezes when you try to use it
• The system takes too long to cool your home when you turn it on
• The humidity levels in the home are too high
• Your system needs frequent repairs
• Your indoor temperature varies from room to room

Too often homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area put up with malfunctioning air conditioners because they think it is too expensive to fix. In reality, regularly scheduling maintenance with Willard AC will help keep repair expenses low and infrequent. Don’t settle for insufficient cooling in your home. A tune-up from a Willard professional will make a difference this summer.

For busy homeowners on a budget, you can count on Willard to provide exceptional AC maintenance services at affordable prices. Our team strongly believes all homeowners should be able to take care of their home and family by relying dedicated HVAC experts. When you choose Willard AC, you’ll know you’re getting real value. Call to schedule an air conditioning tune-up today.

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