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4 Benefits of Aerosealing Your Home


Leaky ductwork is a major inconvenience in your Rockwall, Texas, home. It can lead to stuffy rooms and high utility bills, while also making certain rooms more difficult to heat and cool. Fortunately, we use a technique called Aerosealing to repair leaky ducts.


All About Aerosealing

Aeroseal technology was developed in 1994 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Aerosealing allows us to seal duct leaks inside-out by injecting aerosolized sealant into your pressurized ductwork. These aerosolized particles become suspended in the air stream until they reach leaks. At this point, the particles are deposited around the leaks, effectively sealing them.

The technique requires continuous airflow to keep the aerosol particles suspended in midair until they locate the leaks. Because of this, we must temporarily seal all return, exhaust, and supply vents to ensure the airflow passes precisely where it needs to go.

Using this Aeroseal technique, our team of HVAC experts can measure the amount of leaking air in your system. We use a specialized blower to introduce these aerosolized particles into the ductwork and, once the leaks are sealed, we perform a second analysis to ensure the problem has been resolved.

Aerosealing provides lasting benefits you’ll notice for many years to come, so consider the following advantages to getting this thorough treatment for your home’s ductwork.

Improved Home Comfort

Leaky ducts can cause uneven temperatures throughout the home, resulting in some rooms being hotter or colder than others. That’s because duct leaks can prevent conditioned air from making it to certain rooms of the house. Instead, air leaks out of the ductwork before it can distribute to rooms farther away from the central HVAC unit. You may notice the back bedrooms or second floor feeling hotter in the summer than the rest of the house, which is a sure sign of a duct leak.

Since Aeroseal technology allows your HVAC ducts to distribute air evenly throughout the home, you’ll enjoy healthy, conditioned air in every room.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Airflow problems can lead to excessive dust and humidity, which can trigger allergy symptoms. Anytime you breathe indoor air, you also breathe in pollen, dust, pet dander, and even biological growth particles. These particles find their way into air ducts where they multiply and redistribute throughout the system, potentially to an uncomfortable or dangerous level.

When you have your ductwork sealed, you reduce the chances these particles have of circulating through the system. Sealed ducts don’t solve every indoor air quality problem, but they do cut down on several issues you may be experiencing. As a result, you may notice a reduction in your indoor allergy symptoms.

Reduced Utility Bills

Since leaky ducts allow conditioned air to escape, you have to crank up the AC to experience your preferred comfort level. Unfortunately, turning up the air conditioner to compensate for lost air uses a lot of extra energy, which shows up on your utility bills each month.

Did you know that almost 50 percent of your home’s energy bill is dedicated to heating and cooling your home? That’s already a lot of energy, but when you combine that figure with leaky ducts, you can only imagine how much energy you’re wasting. Luckily, Aerosealing can help you gain up to 30 cents back on every dollar spent on your monthly energy bill.

Improved Home Safety

Biological growth, dander, and dust aggravate asthma and make allergy symptoms worse, which is bad enough, but did you know that this growth and certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can actually make your family sick? In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air pollution a major health risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Since air can’t property circulate through a leaky system, these health hazards can build up in the home over time, causing health problems. Cracks in the ducts can also allow contaminants and other chemical pollutants to enter the ventilation system, causing them to circulate throughout the home. Having your ducts properly sealed with Aeroseal technology will help ensure your family stays safe and healthy.

If you know your home is suffering from leaky ductwork, then don’t put off a sealing service any longer. Call Willard Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical at 972-564-9785 to schedule your Aeroseal duct sealing service.

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