Here in Balch Springs, Texas, many residents run their air conditioning systems constantly throughout the summer months. Between the warm temperatures and high levels of humidity, it’s hard to stay comfortable without central air. As you run the cooling system, you may notice that contaminants and allergens move through the system, causing your family members to sneeze and feel congested. Regular duct cleaning can combat these common health problems by clearing out contaminants and keeping the air healthy and fresh.

Reduce Allergies

Dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, dander, and other allergens tend to come in during the spring and summer seasons. These contaminants will move through your HVAC system as you run the air conditioner, causing them to re-circulate up to several times per day. You could experience allergic symptoms to these particles. Changing your filters at least once a month can help reduce allergens as well, but having the system cleared out regularly is another excellend way to reduce allergies.

More Efficient

When your HVAC ducts are clogged with dirt and dust, the system has to work harder to cool and heat the air. This results in energy waste and higher heating and cooling bills each month. After your technician clears out the ducts, you may notice an instant decrease in bills since the system will be able to run more efficiently.

Eliminate Odors 

Dirty ducts can also trap smoke, odors, and VOCs from household cleaning products, mold, paint fumes, pet odors, and other unpleasant smells. When you have the ducts cleaned regularly, you can reduce the bad odors that move through your home whenever you run the air conditioner or heater. Stale air tends to make your home feel less than appealing, and it’s hard to cover up smells that are coming from vents located throughout the house. Instead of using air fresheners, simply remove the source of the odors.

Schedule your air conditioner duct cleaning service with Willard Heating & Air by calling (972) 564-9785, and start taking advantage of these benefits that come with regular service.

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