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Hard Freeze Preparation Guide 2022


Winter is coming. It may be a pop-culture reference, but it couldn’t be truer for the many North Texas homeowners who suffered through the last winter with no power, burst pipes, broken heaters, and water damage that took all year to get repaired. Getting a head start on preparing your home for the freezing temperatures to come will minimize the chance of costly repairs and give you peace of mind when things turn for the worst.

This year, homeowners are looking to be prepared for the worst, and here at Willard, we know a few things that can help you keep your home safe and warm throughout the winter.

HVAC Maintenance:

Having an HVAC unit that isn’t adequately maintained as you go into winter is one of the worst things you can do for your home. Although the winters in Texas aren’t as cold and windy as in other northern parts of the country, that doesn’t mean you don’t need your heaters during the winter months when the temperature takes a dip. Considering the complexity of a heating system and the fire dangers a gas or oil furnace can present if it’s mishandled, we recommend leaving a heating tune-up to a professional.


When the frosty temperatures strike, your heater is working overtime to keep your home at comfortable levels throughout the day and night. Still, if your home has poor or no insulation, the heat is being wasted more than likely.

Not only will your home be more efficient and comfortable thanks to a layer of attic insulation, but your HVAC system will thank you. Having to continually run to keep up with heat loss and maintain your home’s temperature at a comfortable level can be hard on your HVAC system. This stress on your system can potentially cause it to break down more often and even make replacement a necessity earlier than expected.

Covering Exposed Pipes and Faucets:

To prevent burst pipes, you should cover all exposed pipes and faucets. Outdoor faucets should be disconnected from hoses, drained, and then covered with an insulation cap to avoid freezing.

Seal Small Openings:

Small openings around pipes, doors, windows, or even cables running into your home can let cold air into your home or hot air out. Getting a can of foam insulation is an easy repair that takes a matter of minutes and helps your home tremendously.

Keep Water Running:

When the temperatures get low, it’s vital that you keep water running through your home so the water within your pipes doesn’t become stationary and susceptible to freezing.

With Willard, you can rest assured we have your back when it comes to home necessities and emergencies. Give us a call for more wintery weather tips!

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