Home automation systems were just figments of our imaginations not long ago. Having an automated house that links to your smartphone gives you access to leading technology for your Dallas, Texas, home’s heating, cooling, and security. There are many benefits to installing a home automation system that links to the services we offer.

Benefits of Home Automation

When you choose us for this high-tech advancement, you’ll enjoy a Nexia Home Automation System that partners perfectly with our Trane heating and cooling technology. Nexia rises above other home automation because it’s not merely a product with a connecting app, but instead, Nexia has its own app that brings all connected products inside your home together and makes them manageable from any connected device.

You’ll experience many benefits by installing a Nexia home automation system including an easily expandable system and innovative platform that works with today’s most tech-savvy brands. It costs less to subscribe to Nexia than other customized systems, and all technical support representatives are in the U.S.

How Nexia Helps Keep Your Home Safer

Nexia alerts you when sensors detect motion around your home’s exterior, if someone puts in a door code or leaves doors unlocked, and if anyone enters the wrong door code or tries to open a door.

The system will alert you to temperature changes and the presence of carbon monoxide, smoke, or a water leak. Nexia will also remind you to change the batteries to keep your locks, sensors, and HVAC filter connected and protected.

What Nexia Can Do for You

Having Nexia helps you maintain control over your home from almost anywhere in the world. You can track and change temperatures, turn lights and appliances on and off, and access security cameras remotely.

Questions About Nexia?

If you have questions about Nexia and whether or not it’s right for your Dallas home, call Willard Heating and Air Conditioning at(972) 564-9785. Our service professionals will gladly help you choose the best HVAC units and home automation systems.

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