The size of your HVAC system isn’t something most people think about. However, having a properly sized HVAC system can make a dramatic difference in your Garland, Texas, home’s comfort levels. Here are three reasons why your HVAC size matters.

Energy Efficiency

A common myth about HVAC sizing is that getting a smaller unit will lead to greater energy efficiency. However, the opposite is true. A smaller HVAC unit that isn’t rated to handle as much air as your home requires will end up running in longer cycles than it’s designed for, leading to greater energy consumption.

This is similar to the efficiency issues for units that are too large. Units that are too big will have shorter cycles as they push more air than your home needs. Shorter cycles will lead to your HVAC needing more frequent cycles as it works to keep your home’s temperature steady. This consumes much more energy than a properly sized unit.

Consistent Temperatures

As we hinted at above, consistent household temperatures are a major issue for HVAC units. If your cycles are running too short, like with a large unit, the climate controlled air won’t reach your entire home before the cycle shuts off, leading to hot and cold spots. Too small units will also create uneven temperatures and your system may struggle to reach your thermostat setting if its able to reach it at all.

Humidity Levels

With improper cycling comes improper humidity management. A vital function of your HVAC system is balancing the humidity in your home. If your cycles aren’t running as they should, you may end up with poorly balanced air. A unit that is too large won’t take up as much moisture as it’s supposed to, potentially leading to uncomfortable humidity in the air.

The licensed technicians at Willard Heating and Air Conditioning can assess your current unit to see if it’s the right size or ensure your new HVAC is right for your home. To set up an appointment, call us at (972) 564-9785 today!

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