Maintaining the HVAC system in your Garland, Texas, home is a necessity if you want to extend its lifespan and prevent expensive repairs. Although many of the tasks associated with a routine maintenance service should be left to an HVAC professional, a few tasks are DIY. Knock out a few of these HVAC maintenance tasks to keep your system in good shape.

Light Cleaning

The heating and cooling system tends to get dirty over time. It pulls air through the ducts, where contaminants like pollen, pet hair, dirt, dander, and other debris tend to settle. The components within the system also get covered in a layer of dust. You shouldn’t open up your system or try to clean the ducts, but you can do some light cleaning on your own. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to clean the vent covers and remove any dirt and dust that may be coming through.

You can also clean the housing around the outdoor unit, especially if it’s getting clogged with leaves, grass, and other yard debris. Make sure to trim back any bushes and trees that may be encroaching on the housing of your system’s outdoor unit.

Changing the Filter

Another DIY maintenance task is changing the filter on a regular basis. The schedule for filter changes depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations, although most recommend replacing the filter every month or two. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or other health conditions, you may want to opt for a filter that has a higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating to filter out smaller particles from the air you breathe. Just make sure you’re not exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended MERV rating for your system.

Scheduling a Tuneup

After you finish your DIY tasks, the next step is scheduling a tuneup with an HVAC technician. During the service, the technician will test the unit to make sure it has plenty of fuel or refrigerant, as well as check the airflow and inspect all the components.

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